Month: May 2015

Introducing… Run

Today I’m introducing my newest work in progress!  It’s different than anything I’ve seriously worked on before, and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Drum roll please!

Novel Title: Run

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Audience: Young Adult

Series: Stand Alone Novel

Status: First Draft in Progress


Seventeen year old Storm, a girl running from her kidnappers, finds a haven in the home of Niken Hollow after being found half dead in an alley.  The two begin to bond as Niken takes her on his escapades with fellow adventure racer Max Kraken, and Storm begins to share shards of her dark past and live free in the wild pair’s presence, daring to hope for a normal life.  However, when tragedy strikes in Niken’s life, Storm must shake off her demons in order to pull him from his paralyzing depression.  But when her kidnappers reemerge, will Storm and Niken ever stop running?

Working Cover:

Run Cover

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