We all feel the urge to create, to make, to leave an imprint, a thumbprint, on this world.  But think of the excuses, so many excuses–

Busy, too busy.  Work.  School.  Kids.  Friends.  House.  Family.  Sports.  More busy.

Time.  Never enough of it, right?

So how about this… 30 days to be imperfectly creative.  Thirty days to dedicate just a single minute to creating.  It could be anything–a picture, a song, a paragraph.  Write it down, record it, snap it.  Freeze a moment in time, something to keep.  It’s the little things that matter, the moments, the colors, the images that you think only you notice, the thoughts you believe you think alone.  The point of art is to share, and art is made up of our personal stories and perspectives, little broken bits of glinting light and glowing color.  Yeah, it’s not going to be perfect…

But it will be beautiful.

So join me in this quest against time… to create, we can all spare a minute.