Ashley Wilda is a writer living in eastern Virginia. She particularly enjoys writing action-packed young adult fiction but loves reading any work whose words sing and whisper magic to the reader. In addition to writing, she loves reading, hanging out with her family and friends, rock climbing, practicing Krav Maga, and any other kind of adventuring. She is currently editing her first novel, The Hunted, a young adult near future urban thriller, and her first novella, a young adult contemporary thriller entitled Run.  She is a reporter for Forum Magazine and Fiction Editor for Second Star Magazine.

Ashley believes that a good story should capture the intense emotions of the human experience and throw a lifeline of hope to the reader, screaming that no one is alone and that love is always worth fighting for. Fiction should encourage readers to dare to dream, and dream big, helping them realize that anything is possible. She hopes that her stories will make her readers feel the same way.


  1. JP Villalobos

    I enjoyed your story in Cloud Streak Press. Nice work.

    • ashley

      Thank you very much! I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed it 🙂 Writers don’t hear readers’ reactions very often, so thank you for taking the time to share your encouragement!

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