i guess we two, you and i,

are both seekers

in a way,

both peering

into the invisible,

looking for answers.

but the answer i seek

is that you’d find

your own answer,

that the invisible

would become less mysterious,

solid and real to you

as it has been

for me.

you are my answer.

an answer i do not know

if i will ever receive.

the difference between our quests

is this–

if you seek truly,

you are promised to find.

if i plead with everything

i have

i am promised

no such thing,

gifted certain goodness

but not precisely

what my heart desires.

but i keep praying

that you keep seeking,

wishing i had some way

of knowing

you haven’t given up.

hold on to your promise, seeker,

and i’ll hold on

to mine–

that He hears my heart’s cry

and will make himself known

to those who seek

with all their hearts.