“Do You Ever?” is a piece made almost entirely of questions.  As you read it, think about each question, apply it to your own life, your own heart.  You may be surprised at what you find.


Do You Ever?

Do you like your life? I mean, really?

Would you change anything at all? Or maybe a lot, everything?

Do you have a purpose? If you decide you don’t, do you wish you had one?

When you watch movies with lots of danger, fighting, saving the world stuff–adventure–do you wish that world was your own? Do you wonder, like I do, if you would love it, or hate it, if you were there?

Do you ever feel like you were called to do more than what you are? Do you ever long to make a difference, or at least try?

Or how about this– do you ever wonder if the lack of suffering, of striving, or honest-to-goodness effort in your life, is wrong? That sitting on your blessings, on your abilities as a human being, is wrong?

Do you ever feel like you are ignoring your heart?  I do.

When the days drag long, monotonous, full of empty business in which nothing important actually gets done, are you ever overtaken with a sudden urge to drop everything, and just go, be someone else?

Where would you go?  Visit a protest in China, maybe?  A house arrest in Vietnam?  Or maybe a ship sinking in the frigid Artic Circle?

Who would you be? What would you do?  I mean, every hero, or even every well-meaning person, or hero-wanna-be, has to have a goal.  What would yours be?

Would you want to help people in bad situations?  No, not just the bad ones, the really bad ones?

Would you dare risk your life for a stranger?  I think I would.  I think it’s worth it.  Do you?

Your weapon of choice, what would it be?  A sword?  A pistol?  Mace?  A bazooka, maybe? Or even just your words?

Would you sneak around, anonymous?  Or would you like to be famous, instead?

Would there be a reward, do you think?  Or would you even like a reward?  Would it take away from the whole point?

What about friendship?  Is that a big enough reward?  I think so.

Save a life, make a friend.  Those are good goals to start with.  Stay alive?  Yes, let’s add that.

So when will you go?  Today, tomorrow?  You will go, won’t you?