so much pain bound up in this body

I need to release it

set this spirit free

surround me with who You are

tell me who I am, remind me

I need to know

tell me how precious I am to You.

my shoulders curve around an empty cup

a caving chest

fill me.


this is for you, sitting in the dark

sing out the tension

scream it out

let your bones bend until they feel

they might break

scream it out

call on the name of your God

scream his name

claim his help

scream, let it rip through your center until you


let the darkness disintegrate in the air

let him in

let him protect you

let him be your warrior, fight for you

so you don’t have to

it’s already won

he’s already gone out

it’s already done.


he goes where you go

he’s bringing a new thing

you will see his goodness in the land of the living.

he calls your name

he calls your name

all the love in the world in your name

he’ll never drop you when you’re leaning

when you’re wondering if he’s there.


hush, quiet, listen here–

he loves you he loves you he

loves you.