1. He doesn’t hide
  2. even when we do.
  3. When he calls us
  4. he won’t shame us
  5. he doesn’t embarrass.
  6. He loves to tell us
  7. how much we are loved
  8. loves to hear us
  9. say anything at all to him.
  10. He wants me to use my mind
  11. not shut it off
  12. he’s not afraid of doubt
  13. or reason
  14. or science
  15. or impossibilities
  16. or anger or pain or fear.
  17. He doesn’t see me and demand
  18. heal, believe, be strong
  19. he just holds all my broken pieces
  20. until I’m ready to breathe.
  21. He knows that intimacy
  22. sometimes feels like pain
  23. and doesn’t judge me
  24. for weeping when he says
  25. I love you, and you are mine.